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Autorius: Antraštė: The rising sun, the beautifu

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Priregistravo: 2019-1-10
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[*] 2019-1-10 10:48
The rising sun, the beautifu

The rising sun, the beautiful sunset; the quiet morning, a happy day. Every day in our rural children is so happy! In today's rural areas, there is a lot of excitement on the basis of the beautiful and serene of the past. Whenever I stroll through the Live ly streets of our village, I can't help but think: Ah! Our countryside has changed a lot, and people are running a well-off In our coastal village, people Live in neat and beautiful buildings Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, which is a beautiful and wealthy village. In the village, the streets and alleys are all cement roads; on both sides of the street, the trees and flowers are laughing in the wind, making the air more fresh. There is also a new Hualian supermarket in the center of the coastal village. There are all kinds of goods in it. We no longer have to go to the city to buy these common things. There are children's toys next to the supermarket. The children sit on it and don't mention how happy they are! There are other more fascinating scenes! They also added a splendid brilliance to our coastal village. Thinking of this, I am like eating honey, my heart is beautiful.coastal village has become beautiful and wealthy, but she has not changed the virtues of her past Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping. As the saying goes: "The distant relatives are not as close as the neighbors Cheap Newport Regular Online." Yes, people in our village are like a family. Everyone Live s in harmony and never quarrels. Today, your home has fried a dish and sent it to my house. Tonight, my family will have a happy event to give you a candy. The folks in the township often come and go. I think: It may be because the villagers unite and help each other to build this new countryside!ng at the cars coming and going from the street, watching people coming out of the big bags in the supermarket, looking at the close-knit faces of the villagers Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, I am proud of being a rural child, I often think Sound, facing the sky, shouting at the sea: "New countryside, my paradise!" When the children laughed and shouted a string of colorful bubbles in the streets, my heart flew away from my mother's warmth. Embracing, hiding in a small bubble, along with other bubbles, chasing in the air filled with the brilliance of the setting sun, free and chic. Hey, like the daughter of the fairy tale sea, pursues the freedom he ow the wind in the children's laughter and laughter. The wind whispered softly, and sometimes we held it up high, and suddenly we carried it into the sky, let us roll it freely, and reflected in the light the colorful light that even the sun did not Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes, so we were glad to think that we could compare The sun is still eye-catching; the wind sometimes allows us to swiftly slam into the ground, but when we reach the ground, we turn a corner and rise quickly, just like the stunts of a plane on a TV, thrilling and exciting. So we naively think that this is true happiness, and we are more bold and arrogant to "experience" life in oust of wind swept over and slammed us to the cold walls around them. The foam could not withstand such a collision, and it blasted, smashed, and even a piece of debris was left. The heart hidden in the bubble lost its light carrier, but it was only unwilling to fall, but unable to resist, dying and crying on the ground. However, who else will hear and notin the air covered my heart mercilessly, sneering with my naive rebellious thoughts of only pursuing the so-called "freedom". The warm sunset shines on the body, but the back is the coldness of the bones. The tender heart finally understood in tears, and all the illusions that I experienced that I thought were beautiful were just the illusion that God had laidouth is full of freshness and excitement, but we can't find the direction to realize our dreams. For the short-term happiness, we can't wait to put precious dreams and time on the fragile bubble, but I don't know if this can not withstand the storm. To be broken.
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